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South Korea loss to Uruguay 1-2, but Fans still Proud

South Korea Team on World Cup 2010

In the end of result: South Korea vs. Uruguay 1-2, although loss but we are as fans of South Korea still proud. How pathetic when watching South Korea vs. Uruguay competed on World Cup 2010 with Saturday, 6/26/2010 yesterday.

Asian Tigers had to be knocked out by Uruguay with a score of 1-2. Yet as South Korea's heavy Fans I remain proud of their spirit.

Speak about Korea; I really like this State Ginseng since the beginning.

Although nothing to do with the ball, but I really liked the culture. Early despise because I saw a Korean drama that often appear on TV every afternoon.
Korean drama is not like Sinetron. They are better able to express a story with emotionally draining. Without impression maudlin and redundant, the story contributed very natural and alive.

I prefer to South Korea are increasing rapidly, when I saw boys who live Band in South Korea actually qualified Boys Band. Not just rely on looks alone, but they are also very concerned fashion, sound and appearance. It’s very harmonious mix of styles.

Let’s talk about the elimination of South Korean Issues in the World Cup 2010

South Korea loss to Uruguay 1-2, but Fans still Proud
South Korea should forget about his dream to go one step further in its journey at the World Cup in 2010. "Asian Tigers" have awakened from the dream in the 80th minute against Uruguay in round the eight round finals, Saturday (26/6/10), at the Nelson Mandela Bay Stadium, Port Elizabeth.

Luis Suarez second goal in those games, which makes South Korea, collapsed. In fact, the "Knights Taeguk" could hope to extend the match to earn a goal following a Lee Chung-Yong in the 67th minute, to make the score a 1-1 draw.

Although excluded, South Korea remains a very positive acclaim. Proponents of "Red Devils" admitted proud to see the struggle of Park Ji-Sung and his friends, who appear not know surrender.

Police reported that around 447 000 soccer enthusiasts in South Korea directly witnessed the game from outside the room. They watched his favorite team struggle through a giant screen, including the 295 000 people in Seoul.

Enthusiasm South Korean population is very high, because their country recorded best achievements abroad. For the first time, Asian Tigers past the knockout phase when the World Cup held outside the country (South Korea during the World Cup in 2002, they stepped up to the semi-finals).

No wonder the fans, who wore a red costume, crowded the Hall Plaza of Seoul. They were chanting, beating drums, and screaming, to give the spirit.

South Korea loss to Uruguay 1-2, but Fans still Proud

When the header-Yong Chung ripped nets Uruguay in the 67th minute which made the score finished at 1-1, the thunderous voice of supporters. They also prancing and jumping around.

This festive mood lasted until the end of the match, despite South Korean goalkeeper conceded again at minute 80. Because, the fans were very impressed with they spirit of the game and their team.

South Korea's second goal to look good and Uruguay is a difficult goal dammed the South Korean players had done a good job with not only standing up for their luck.

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Anonymous said...

Haa..I'm so glad that Uruguay beat South Korea! As I wrote on my blog before, I prefer poor country won the competition, rather than rich one did. Go Uruguay!

kesehaRian Ra-Kun on 28 June 2010 at 00:14 said...

nice info :)

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