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Demian Dematra ; Pelukis Tercepat Rekor MURI, Penulis Novel “ Obama Anak Menteng” sekaligus Sutradara Film “Obama Anak Asisi”

Demian Dematra ; Pelukis Tercepat Rekor MURI, Penulis Novel “ Obama Anak Menteng” sekaligus Sutradara Film “Obama Anak Asisi” Demian Dematra; The MURI Records of Fastest Painter, Writer's novel "Obama Anak Menteng" as well as film director "Obama Dari Assisi." In the meet on the sidelines of a painting exhibition titled Obama Son Damien Dematra Menteng works in Dharmawangsa Square on June 26 2010, Jakarta, a painter who also writes novels Children Menteng Obama succeeded in making a painting that is done in the fastest time, just 9 minutes 31 seconds.

Witnessed the leadership of the Indonesia-World Record Museum (MURI) Suprana Jaya, a painting titled Obama on Daw measuring 80 x 100 cm successfully completed within nine minutes 31 minutes. Initially target 15-20 minutes it can be resolved more quickly.

Damien explained, in this event, a painting has been given through the Ted Osius, deputy ambassador of the United States, and already confirmed will be accepted by United States President Barack Obama in the White House.

This latest solo exhibition of paintings will be done in the ballroom of the Four Seasons Hotel Jakarta on July 17 to 30, 2010, and will be closed with an auction to help those who are living with lupus through the Lupus Foundation of Indonesia, who chaired Tiara Savitri.

Realist elements in his paintings deliberately avoided in order giving the dynamics on these works, let alone the true realism of Obama's Anak Menteng (OAM) will be materialized in the form of cinematography.

Barack Obama, the  President of USAWriter and director Damien Dematra Also has launched its latest work, a novel titled "Obama Child Menteng", at SDN 01 Menteng, Jakarta, WHO Had been a place of learning Barack Obama President of the United States as a child.

Thick book of more than 200 pages it tells the success of President Barack Obama as a pluralist. "Obama is icons of pluralism, and through this book I want to express do not be afraid to be Different, or a minority. From a minority cans changed from the number one in the place That the majority like Obama

The Story of childhood, in school, and his house is located in Menteng into the background of the novel is written in the five-day period.

With approximately 30 people interviewed Damien the schoolmates and Obama's Friends over the past two weeks, Damien said that this novel was inspired by the true story of Obama's childhood experience in Indonesia, but still added to the elements of Imagination.

Not to mention Obama's Children Menteng film was released, Damien Dematra as a writer of novels into films had been released a second novel about Obama titled “Obama Dari Assisi”, Thursday (10/06/2010).

This novel will be filmed to welcome the President of the United States, Barack Obama, who rescheduled in November. Damien says has not held a preparation for filming the second because the first film is also not yet released.

Obama Son of Menteng containing childhood story of U.S. President was in elementary Besuki. Actors from a small Obama are Hasan Faruq Ali who also came during the launch. Meanwhile, the second novel contains a story for three years in elementary school in Menteng Assisi.

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NanLimo Bertuah on 27 June 2010 at 16:11 said...

is cool .. :D

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wah dibaca pake gugel kok jadi ajaib yah..?

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oh.. gitu :)

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bener-bener manusia dengan segudang talenta ya ...!

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tak translate dulu ya mbak...

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blogwalking :)
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