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The Secret of Hydroquinone

The Secret of Hydroquinone
The most popular chemicals among Asian and African women effective skin lightening is getting to be talking when the questionable safety. There are studies showing evidence that hydroquinone trigger cancer, if used in a long time.

In America, in August 2006, the FDA (Food and Drug Administration) banned all cosmetic products containing hydroquinone. FDA to set individual drug products containing hydroquinone are considered, and can only be purchased with a prescription. In Indonesia, the ban would take effect in 2008.

What is Hydroquinone?

The Secret of Hydroquinone

Hydroquinone is a reducing agent a substance that dissolves easily in water and commonly used in the washing process of printing photos. It is a carbolic similar chemical molecule.

Hydroquinone works on the melanocyte cell system by inhibiting the tyrosinase enzyme activity (become active due to sunlight, hormonal, illness, medications, allergies, and irritation), which triggers the formation of melanin (skin pigment causes the skin look darker, hyperpigmentation, or brown stain) melanosom by destroying (part of the melanocytes storing the melanin pigments).

In fact, did you know that melanin serves as protectors ¬ dung skin from ultraviolet rays so that we avoid skin cancer?

Hydroquinone remarkable ability to inhibit the formation of melanin makes it a popular ingredient in cosmetics as a skin-lightening product. The dermatologist ¬ assumption that hydroquinone was the most effective (when used with a concentration of 4% -10%) to brighten the skin, and initially the only safe skin lightening approved by the FDA for 25 years.

Many experts still oppose banning hydroquinone dermatologist because they thought when used with appropriate dose, hydroquinone is safe and effective to overcome the problem of skin pigmentation.

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